After How Many Days The Order is Dispatched?

  • Your Order will be dispatched 5-7 Business days after placing the Order, and depending upon your Pincode Serviceability you will be receiving the Order it will be delivered within 7 – 11 Days.
  • Orders being sent internationally may incur customs charges/import fees for importing goods which will NOT be included in the shipping fee. Countries have varying regulations regarding imports; therefore, we strongly advise that you research the import regulations in your region before placing an order. We cannot cover these import charges for you.

International Shipment Refusals:

In the event of a shipment being refused at or before the point of delivery, we may have the shipment returned to us by DHL/DPD where you will receive a refund, minus the cost of having the item(s) shipped back to us (Return shipping charge). This will be the same as the shipping cost originally paid at the time of purchase. In some circumstances, we may not be able to retrieve shipments that have been refused. These shipments may be abandoned and we will not be able to process a refund. We cannot be held accountable for non-compliance with the payment of import duties or customs charges by the receiver.